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Admissions to First Step Farm


Residents must be referred to First Step Farm by a qualified professional associated with a North Carolina Division of Health & Human Services licensed substance dependency treatment program. 


Residents are screened for admission based on:
  • their commitment to recovery
  • willingness to participate in the program for at least 3 months
  • the stabilization of their mental, emotional, and physical health
  • capacity for strenuous farm labor
  • delay of all court matters, and
  • desire to engage with other recovering individuals in their 12 step efforts

The admissions forms are the same for admissions to both the Men's or Women's Facility.   

Please note: submission of these forms does not constitute automatic acceptance. 
They will be reviewed by our licensed admissions staff who will follow-up with each admissions request.

Referral Sources also must submit initial admission assessments.

The following documents are required to be completed and submitted.  Click on the document link.  It will open as an Adobe Acrobat PDF. 

Screening & Admissions Policy
Client Data Form
Referral Source Screening
Physician's Statement
Approved Medications
Physician Order

What to Bring


Men's Facility
109 First Step Farm Drive
Candler, NC  28715
828.665.5606 fax
Women's Facility
200 Pete Luther Road
Candler, NC 28715
828.665.5606 fax


When residents arrive at First Step Farm they are greeted and oriented by staff.  Each new resident learns the program, its rules, policies and procedures.  Residents are expected to remain abstinent from all drugs and alcohol during their residency, being accountable through random alcohol and drug screenings.

Residents remain on farm property for the first two weeks visiting only with immediate family members.  They also attend a daily morning meeting; two group therapy sessions per week, and four group therapy self-help meetings at night (two at the Farm, two in the community). 

In addition, residents help keep the facility, their personal areas and belongings clean and in an orderly fashion.  Residents are provided with three country style nutritionally balanced meals.  The Farm maintains the highest ratings for food preparation and housing with inspections performed by the NC Health Services regulation and NC Environmental Health.